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Here in the archive you will find some of the non-dreamwire music I've been involved in, feel free to download the music here and of course you are very welcome to leave a comment either by email or on facebook

Satellite Crash

This project is a collaboration between me and Christian Karlsson, mixing our different musical directions in to this rock/pop format.

"We Belong", "In the Night",
"Another Life" and "Don't Turn Around"
M&L: T. Carlström

"Looking at the Sky"
M: C. Karlsson, T. Carlström
L: C. Karlsson

"Fading Lights" and "Glowing Distance"
M&L: C. Karlsson



Demo #1 - 2010  
We Belong 2:47
In the Night 2:50
Looking at the Sky 3:31
Fading Lights* 4:23
Online bonus:  
Glowing Distance 4:07
Another Life** 3:24
Don't Turn Around 3:27

Vocals, Bass, Guitars, additional keys: T. Carlström
Drums, Keys: C. Karlsson

*Lead Guitar: Magnus Florin
**Lead Guitar: Mick Williamson


Tomas Carlström

Me, the guy behind dreamwire, basicly this could be named dreamwire instead of my own name but dreamwire didn't exist as an idea when this was made so i'll stick with what was on the album cover for this. I'll start out with the demo EP I did under my own name that was released early 2009. Here you can find a review of the demo at Musikspalten.se (in swedish).


Demo - 2009  
Craters 3:27
Right for You 3:56
Adapted to Attract 4:10
Gamble of the Fight 3:57

M&L: T. Carlström
All instruments played by:
T. Carlström


Lava Engine

Lava Engine is a band that today plays progressive metal, this demo was the stepping stone between the previous Drillingholes pop and their current progmetal.Check out their homepage or myspace for how they sound these days!



Lava Engine 2007  


Junkie 7:15
Sun & Goldfarm 4:31

M&L: M. Florin
Vocals, guitars: M. Florin
Bass: T. Carlström
Keys: D. Bentzer
Drums: C. Karlsson



A whimsical pop band that played music that was inspired by such great bands as Jellyfish, Crowded House, Beatles and similar. A bunch of rock/metal guys having fun playing mostly acoustic instead of distorted and in Major instead of Minor for a change.

Seashell is a song from the Drillingholes archives of previously unreleased songs.


Maybe** 3:26
Season Song 3:34
Elephants* 3:32
Seashell 3:31

M&L: M. Florin
*M : M. Florin & C. Karlsson
Vocals, guitars: M. Florin
Bass & backing vocals**:
T. Carlström
Keys: D. Bentzer
Drums: C. Karlsson