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Dreamwire - Ghost of Your Dreams

Download it here

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Dreamwire - A Fool in Love

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Yes it's here, the first Dreamwire album Nowhere To Run is avalible for download and it's completely free!

Either download them song for song or download the entire album in one zip-file.
If you want to listen without downloading you stream the album aswell further down this page. Or listen to it on Spotify!

I would really enjoy it if I heard back from you, so why not leave a comment on facebook or by email and tell me what you think of the music...and don't forget to tell your friends about if you like the music :)



Tomas Carlström _ vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, programming etc

Guest musicians:
Jeff Wells - Guitar solo track 2
Magnus Florin - Lead guitar track 6
Shannon Dew - Guitar solo track 7

All songs written, produced
and recorded by T. Carlström

Copyright - Tomas Carlström - 2011

Nowhere To Run

> Download the album
> Cover > Lyrics

Track listing
> Unravel The Day
> Raining In Paris
> Nowhere To Run
> Summer Love
> Too Late To Hide
> Searching For Hope
> Inside
> Sunshine In The Night
> Everywhere

If you want to you can buy a physical copy of the cd for 50 SEK (about 7 usd) plus shipping, just contact me and we'll get it all sorted.

Also don't miss the archive where you will find music from other bands and projects I've been involved with.